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  1. We recently sat down with bass don Sinistarr to ask him a few questions about life and music! He's one of the leaders of the new school of jungle/160/halftime/footwork/juke/ hybrid sound and he'll be playing at 9910 tonight debuting a pile of new music including his hot new releases coming on the massive Exit recordings! Yegdnb: We've seen a lot of changes in the bass music and electronic music scene recently, where do you see things headed in the next year? Sinistarr: I think 2016 right now has been about setting foundations – a lot of my good friends that have been established as veterans in their scenes getting some great looks from very big names and labels (Greazus being the best example of this, hands down), and it’s going to set them up proper for 2017. I’m also seeing more people of color getting recognized and supported in the North American bass music scene in 2016 – it’s commonplace in house and techno, but bass music out this way hasn’t always been like that, so to see people that look like me doing the damn thing is pretty amazing and refreshing. Yegdnb: What kind of influence has your home of Detroit had on your music and what do you live most about the scene here in Canada? Sinistarr: My first loves of house and techno, especially from the people that make it that are from Detroit, has always been engrained in my music, and making sure I incorporate those elements in my music is always important. Detroit has also definitely taught me a lot about having a good work ethic when it comes to music. It’s very simple – work hard and be nice! As for the bass music scene here in western Canada, it’s incredible! There’s such a good support system that is up here – it definitely reminds me of how the house and techno scene is ran in Detroit, but switched with bass music from across the spectrum. So dope. Yegdnb: name 3 records you absolutely can't live without right now? Sinistarr: 1) East of Oceans – 121 Years, 2) Letherette – Sweeter, 3) D Bridge feat. Steve Spacek – Last Straw Yegdnb: name 3 names that we should be keeping our eyes on Sinistarr: Greazus, Quentin Hiatus, and Itoa Yegdnb: If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring dj/producer/musician, what would it be? Sinistarr: If you feel you have a sound that can change the way the world looks at music, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Ever.

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