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  1. Future Roots, YegDnB, and Funk Bunker are proud to announce THE LEGEND... CHIMPO Metalheadz/Exit/Critical Recs/Richie Brains/Levelz Manchester UK Chimpo is one of the hottest underground talents in the UK. While perhaps best known as a DJ, the talented fellow is also a top-notch producer and MC, who has worked closely with key players such as My Nu Leng, Sam Binga, Calibre, Stray, Dub Phizix, OM Unit, Trigga, Foxx, DRS, Serocee, Stray, Footsie, Fracture, Strategy, Alex Perez, and Big Narstie. You can expect an absolute onslaut of dubplate specials, originals and tunes you will never hear again except in the midst of a once in a lifetime Chimpo set! Bass music legend Chimpo's musical style defies genre boundaries. Both his dj sets and productions see him fuse grime, drum n bass, dubstep, trap, garage, dancehall and hip hop to create a unique sound that never fails to destroy dancefloors. A seasoned DJ, producer and MC, Chimpo's career has seen him tour the world, find fans in many of his heroes and officially remix legends such as Wu Tang Clan, Zed Bias and Omar. The last several years saw some exciting movements for Chimpo. As part of legendary crews Broke'n'English and the Estate Recordings family, Chimpo was integral in a revolution that saw Manchester labelled by revered music critics as 'the dance music capital of the UK' and 'the most exciting city in the world'. 2012 saw Chimpo release the genre-breaking 'Blowfish' which quickly became a favourite of legends such as Goldie, Shy FX and Pendulum. It also saw the release of 'Drama' aka 'Gaza', a collaboration with Trigga that after some time as a certified anthem in Manchester and around the UK, became an anthem in USA through the sets of Skream and Benga during their tour of the States. Chimpo is take huge steps in the industry with forthcoming collaborations with Dub Phizix, My Nu Leng and Calibre and tracks signed to Soul:r, Big Dada, Modulations and Tru Thoughts. Right Now it looks like Chimpo is one of the most dangerous animals around! With releases on several high-profile labels such as Contagious, SideStepper and Sin City, the lad has also toured America to showcase his beats which also led to an opportunity to officially remix the Wu-Tang – a perfect culmination for a man that has sought to the fuse the best of both worlds. He has been DJing around Manchester and the UK for years, and his sets speak of his range, experience and love of music in all its shapes, colours and sizes…. with support from PHATCAT WADJIT ZEAL ARSON KIYTEK - Powered by PK Sound - Tix @ https://www.myshowpass.com/chimpo2017

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