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  1. We are so excited for the launch of a winter warmed by the fire of D&B with a new MONTHLY DRUM & BASS PARTY featuring all the intimate vibes you expect from our summer Sunday School sessions. We proudly present N I G H T S C H O O L -------------------------- Monthly Drum & Bass @ 9910 w/ PK SOUND In their first semester of "Night School" the gang will face all sorts of trials and tribulations - but through the power of friendship, love, and D&B they will face any obstacle! Season 1 : Episode 2 : “FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS" After getting settled last time around the gang is starting to feel at home! The winter semester has created so many great new friendships, but now in the cold of January trouble approaches from where the gang least expects it... Do they have the fortitude to see themselves through the cold? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Month Starring: KILLUPS DREADNOUGHT PYPER MINDZAI LAVS MC 3POH ENERGIZER MC ... as Our Gang ------------------------- The Night School gang is here at 9910 for their first semester. New friends, opportunities, and even enemies lurk around every corner while our beloved gang navigates the the sticky waters that come with another year of Night School. Will they sink or swim? Tune in each month this winter to find out!!!! We are always open to new students so please message Dean in the main office for any more info or if you'd like to perform at NIGHT SCHOOL! -------------------------- Remember this is a monthly event! Make sure to follow us to keep up to date on all our events! Brought to you by YEGDNB / Future Roots / Funk Bunker
  2. October 28 we bring D&B back to 9910 after their lovely new renovations.......just in time for Halloween!!!!!!!! YEGDNB presents: -------- MONSTER CLASH -------- We've got a halloween soundclash of epic proportions featuring a wide selection of Alberta DNB monsters and two very special guests from Calgary representing 403DNB and regular festival favorites! BIG WORM (MOTION NOTION/Calgary) https://www.facebook.com/Bigworm-1427288244177673/ https://soundcloud.com/403dnb/403-dnb-mix-series-41-bigworm-good-till-the-last-drop https://www.facebook.com/403dnb/ JAMS (DNB GIRLS/Calgary) https://www.facebook.com/BassJellyJams/ https://soundcloud.com/jams-1 https://www.facebook.com/drumandbassgirls/ and a cast of monstrous heavy hitters: WADJIT ZEAL MINDZAI TYPECAST CHAINLINK BRUCEY B ARSON Tix: $10 @ the door $7 before 10pm or with costume!
  3. It's been 1 year since Sam Binga visited us for his debut yeg appearance and folks still cant stop talking about what has been called the best jungle set that has ever been witnessed round these parts....so we just had to have him back for another round in the intimate and beautiful sounding 9910! Gracing the most important labels in the scene and breaking massive new ground in the drum & bass world and beyond this artist has taken the most important UK music movements of the past decade and blended them back into drum & bass to create a refreshingly new Jungle sound... YEGDNB, Future Roots & Funk Bunker proudly present the return of the living legend: SAM BINGA [Critical, Exit Records, 50WEAPONS, Astrophonica - UK] http://twitter.com/sam_binga http://facebook.com/sambingamusic http://soundcloud.com/sam_binga Something's happening to the faster side of dance music. Maybe it's the hyperactive influence of juke's chopped-up 808s, the embrace of dubstep's half-time flow at a higher tempo or perhaps it's simply the ongoing evolution of the mutation started by dBridge and the Autonomic podcasts. Whatever the origin, that spectrum of music between 160 and 170bpm is sounding utterly vital once again. Sam Binga has placed himself firmly at the centre of this new wave, with releases on some of dance music's most respected underground labels - 50 Weapons, Exit and Critical. His sound spans the anthemic rowdiness of tracks like 'AYO' and 'Lef Dem', to the deeper explorations of his collaborations with Om Unit, and has attracted the attention of artists such as Zed Bias and CHVRCHES - who have both hit him up for remix work - and Kode9, who featured his tune '11th' with Addison Groove on his critically acclaimed Rinse CD. In the relatively short period of time since emerging onto the scene, Sam Binga has played clubs and festivals across the world, including regular turns at the world-famous Fabric in London, Outlook in Croatia, and a recent headline tour of Australia and New Zealand. As a DJ, he has become known for his fearless style, blending juke and jungle with classic crunk and dancehall. His unreleased dubs, like the 'Crackney Parrot' rebax, are still in huge demand from DJs such as Friction, Machinedrum and Alix Perez, while his recent EP with Fracture and Rider Shafique (of Young Echo fame) got love from forward-thinking cross-genre selectors such as Toddla T, The Heatwave, Murlo and Breakage. Having kicked off 2015 with two instantly sold out releases - the 'Nuh Chat EP' on Critical, and the self-released 'TransAtlantic EP' with Om Unit - something even bigger and weightier is currently under construction And without giving too much away, rest assured that it sounds like nothing else out there. If you're fully in the know, or if you pay attention to wider movements in the music world, you'll realise that there's some serious weight behind the Sam Binga name, with countless gigs and worldwide tours covering pretty much the whole spectrum of underground dance music under his belt. But that's not important right now: what's important is that mix of dirty-south swagger, Chi-town footwork and UK pressure people like Sam Binga are bringing to the table. Fresh, weird and strictly fire on the dance floor. ALONGSIDE: PHATCAT JAKE ROBERTZ DREADNOUGHT MINDZAI with MC 3POH ENERGIZER MC Tickets at: Online: http://sambingayeg.zoobis.com/ In Person: Foosh Quantum Leaf LIDS (WEM) or any hit up any Future Roots, Funk Bunker, or YEGDNB member.
  4. Astral Harvest 2016 - Season 9

    For the ninth season of Astral Harvest - Power Take Off Funk Bunker and Jungle Fever were invited again this year to put on showcases featuring Edmonton's finest in Drum & Bass talent. Without further adieu.... Funk Bunker Showcase featuring.... Dreadnought (Funk Bunker // YEGDNB // 403DNB) Longtime Junglist soldier Dreadnought has been the face of the Edmonton DnB scene for over a decade. With an unmistakeable energy and dedication to the music he has headlined shows and performed along some of the biggest names in bass music. his high energy, quick, flawless mixing and forward thinking music is always aimed directly at the dance floor. Founder of the Funk Bunker music group Dreadnought has been responsible for the biggest D&B/Jungle, bass & funk/breaks events in Edmonton, and has driven a revitalization in a scene many were quick to dismiss as buried. This unmatched passion has also landed him the honour of being the sole Northern Alberta representative of Calgary’s 403DNB crew. His dedication to bass music is evident in credentials accumulated over years of hard work, holding a number of residencies and collaborating closely with legendary sound crews such as The Supreme Hustle, Subterranean Sound, Future Roots, All Blown Up, DnB Lives Here & Boodang Music Canada. He is also a regular at the Annual Motion Notion festival, 403DNBBQ, Quebec’s Valhalla festival and at events all across Canada. Highly respected by his peers & fans Dreadnought continues to work tirelessly to promote bass music in all its forms! Just-Mayhem (Funk Bunker // Really Good Recordings // Ten Ton Beats UK) Josh Chapman aka Just Mayhem is Canadian DJ/producer that is definitely someone to not overlook. He is well known on all corners of the map, with releases on Really Good Recordings (CAN), Rapid Fire Records (CAN), Cyntax erros (UK), Ten Ton Beats (UK), Ten Ton Deeper (UK), Insane Ambition Recordings (France) Filthy Technique (UK), Global donation digital (UK), Dreadnaught Digital (UK), Sound Solution Records (USA), Digital Terror (USA), Frozen O’s (CAN), Code 46 (UK), Dirty Digital (L.A.),Dutty Dubplatez (UK), Back To The Dance floor (CAN), Where Music Lives Canada, to name a few. With over 60 tracks released world wide to date. Just Mayhems beats and sounds are sure to have the dance floor moving all night. Recipient of Best Breakthrough Producer and 1st runner up Best DJ at the 2008 Toronto DnB Awards with nominations at the 2009 awards, As well as a Win in the 2008 Rumble in the Jungle DJ competition. He comes with some heavy credentials playing anything from Jump-up to Liquid DNB to Drumstep to Dubstep, and Trap. Just Mayhem has opened and played with such acts as Kenny Ken , Crissy Criss, Micky Finn, Dj Ruffstuff, Nicky Blackmarket, Logan D, Modified Motion, Mampi Swift, Benny Page, Evol Intent, Jayline, Marcus, Top Cat and The Congo Natty crew, Danny Byrd, Logistics, Tantrum Desire and TC. Playing venues all over the American continent from NY to BC and everywhere in between, he is definitely an act not to be missed. With a move to the Edmonton and now Calgary, things are looking up for JM. Getting positive vibes already from Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver crews welcoming him in nicely! He is looking forward to working along side some great DJ's and Producers on the west side of Canada! Brucey-B (Funk Bunker // YEGDNB // TASC) DJ Brucey-B is one very unique Junglist. He was introduced to Jungle music at a young age, along with growing up listening to Rock N Roll, Punk/Trash, Blues, Jazz and Classical music. His ears became very well rounded in taste. Even though he acquired a pair of turntables later in his life; It didn't take him long to climb the ranks as a Junglist in the YEG scene. Becoming a YEGDNB and Funk Bunker Music Resident DJ, he quickly made a name for himself with his very unique style. If one asked what Brucey-B's style is? Many would answer Drum & Bass. Brucey-B plays to the vibes around him, from chilled groovy liquid at a Lounge/Bar, to heavier rollers and Neuro on the big stage, to grimy deep low basslines in the most grungy of bars. He's an act you wouldn't want to miss. Branching out in all styles of DNB music in his sets, pleasing the most difficult ears to impress. Mindzai (Funk Bunker // YEGDNB) Hailing from Edmonton, AB and raised in Calgary, Mindzai (Scot McLeod) has been knee deep in the scene since he was old enough to sneak into parties. Since first hearing that amen loop and heavy reese bassline during his delinquent days at Millennium Skatepark in Calgary, Drum & Bass has since been a part of his life. Since then, he's been on the trainspotter tour, going to show after show, big & small, halls, bars, you name it. Years on the festival circuit, from North Country to Shambhala to Burning Man, A DJ couldn't come within a hundred miles that he didn't already have tickets for. These years came full circle in 2008 when he bought two Tech 12s, a mixer, and a stack of records. Mindzai has been opening peoples minds to DnB from beyond the beaten path. With a keen ear for complex rhythms, heartfelt harmonies and deep basslines, he always has surprises every time you hear him play. After breaking into the Edmonton DnB scene, he's been seeing nothing but success. Hosting a local monthly night and playing around the city with support garnered from The Jungle Fever, Funk Bunker, Future Roots and Bassdrive crews, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Overfiend ( Bassdrive), Q-Bik, A-Sides, Freaky Flow, Logistics, Tantrum Desire, Phace, Om Unit, Sam Binga and Dub Phizix. Keep your mind's eye peeled for this name in the future. The Natural (Funk Bunker // YEGDNB) Hailing from Edmonton, The Natural uses his years of DJ experience to bring the fyah to the dance floor! Playing anything and everything from hip-hop, breaks, funk, glitch hop, house and DnB, his music is guaranteed to make you cut a rug! Type Cast (Funk Bunker // YEGDNB // TASC) A generally quiet and humble person and not much for talking himself up, was introduced to the world of cool music in 2008. In 2010 he found himself in front of the decks for the first time, at a halloween party and was instantly hooked. Sticking to his roots Type Cast played Drum & Bass and House music not much caring for playing what was 'popular. He instead always got his high from the people on the dance floor, that have the same passion for the music as he does, whether the floor is rumbling or with just a few hardened warriors! In 2014 he was invited to join the new YEGDNB movement in the city. A collaborative of like minded people to help spread the love of Drum & Bass through the city where he currently gets to regularly share what he loves most with others - juicy Drum & Bass music Jungle Fever DNB Showcase featuring.... Wadjit (Bassdrive.com // Astral Harvest // Y Afterhours // Jungle Fever DNB) Wadjit, Leading Lady DJ of Bassdrive.com and hostess of Rinse N Wash Radio. Quickly establishing herself as a leading force within the Canadian Drum & Bass scene; Wadjit’s name has become synonymous with quality, whether it’s her technical mixing ability, her crisp taste in tunes or her relentless pursuit of elevating the status of the Drum & Bass culture in her hometown of Edmonton. A resident of the globally recognized DNB radio station, Bassdrive.com, Wadjit’s presence and imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. As a long-time resident of Y Afterhours and Jungle Fever, Wadjit has had a hand in the progressing of DNB in the city’s underground scene. With hosting Rinse N Wash Radio on Bassdrive.com, Wadjit has seen the impact of her work worldwide and has been crossing international waters for events such as Sun and Bass (Italy), and clubs in Czech, Germany and Switzerland. Always lacing sets with her signature dark driving sound, heavy drums and jungle vibes, Wadjit is always pushing the dance floor to a breaking point of energy explosions. Meeting through Jungle Fever and collabing on shows like Danny Byrd and Bassdrive Sessions Edmonton, Wadjit and MC 3p OH quickly established a groove and vibe not to be seconded that reached a culmination point last year for all those who witnessed the madness on Thursday Night at Waka Chan Astral 2015. Vixx (Jungle Fever DNB // Funk Bunker // YEGDNB) Turning on the decks in 2012, Vixx took a long love for Drum & Bass and created a steady swell of force, as she took to the ones and twos. With her fierce determination to master the amens, this lady has that love for the music that breeds greatness. Having shared the stage with some of DnB's top artists such as Marky, Calibre, DRS, Technimatic, SPY and many others, Vixx is a force to be reckoned with as she takes you on a journey through her undying love for the sound. Inspired by the Ragga Jungle flavours of the old school and dark rollers of the new, all peppered with a dash of liquid love, she demonstrates her eclectic style of shifting from the laid back to the loud and nasty. A staple of Edmonton's Drum & Bass family, she has been a leading force with Funk Bunker, Jungle Fever DnB and Future Roots crews. Holding down residencies at The Brixx "Eats & Beats", she also had the privilege to show her skills at Astral Harvest 2015 as well as multiple returning guest spots on Bassdrive.com. Having a prominent hand in YEG’s DnB events, Vixx is a familiar face on the scene and you can spot her on the regular at Edmonton's legendary Jungle Jam, Sunday School and the coveted annual Calling all Junglists. With an unquestionable dedication and true passion for progressing Drum & Bass culture, Vixx is destined to become an essential imprint on the Canadian scene. OhAces (Funk Bunker // Jungle Fever DNB // Gouranga // YEGDNB // Massive Dynamix) Edmonton's ragga jungle specialist; representing Jungle Fever and YEGDNB. As the right hand man of DJ Dreadnought with Funk Bunker, he has opened for and shared the stage with the worlds biggest DNB acts at festivals and clubs all over western Canada. Kalmplx DJ (Jungle Fever DNB // Funk Bunker // This Side Up // YEGDNB) Mike Zaychuk aka Kalmplx DJ (pronounced Calm Plex DJ) began listening to electronic music in the mid 90's. Loving many of the styles introduced, none hit home more than DnB. After hearing Bad Company, it became clear that Drum and Bass would be among his favourites. He started collecting vinyl in the late 90's just to listen on a single deck. Loving the quality sounds from vinyl he began to stop in at Foosh to listen and buy records. This was the best way to get tunes and to learn about the new interest in DnB by talking with Rob Tryptomene. He would also have the info as to what show would have which artists and such. He started mixing at home in the early 2000's just for fun. In 2004 Calyx came out with an album entitled "No Turning Back" that changed Mike forever. He had finally found the style that made him want to mix live. The dark and hard bass lines and obscure drum patterns tickled his soul! He started putting a set together. In 2005 he started playing opening slots for all the DnB promoters in the city. While all the acts coming through were amazing there seemed to be a lack of the harder darker styles of DnB. Mike started promoting with the DnB crews in Edmonton and got a feel for how it was done. To see some of the artists he wanted he decided to try and host events of his own. Under the name This Side Up Productions, he and some friends started planning shows. While being a resident, promoter and planner at The Crown Pub from 2010 - 2012, he had a venue to do a DnB shows. They brought artists such as Audio and Black Sun Empire for their first Edmonton appearances. Other artists included Tester, RCola and many other Canadian talents. Jungle Fever was formed in 2012 with some of Edmonton's finest in DnB, Wadjit, John Ohms, Fizzix, Mc 3P Oh and myself. As residents at The Starlite Room, we got to share the stage with amazing artists in DnB, Trap, Dubstep, Breaks and even Turntablism. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Dub Phizix, Stunna, Loadstar, A Sides, Freaky Flow, Dub FX, Krafty Kuts, Kill The Noise, Q Bert, The Funk Hunters, Zion I and Bro Safari to name a few. Jungle Fever started to work with Funk Bunker and Future Roots, bringing some next level shows! These include Cain, Marky, Phace, Om Unit, Sam Binga, Nu:Logic, Overfiend, Danny Bird, Total Science, Metrik, Friction, KJ Sawka, Mat The Alien,Tantrum Desire, Marcus Visionary, Calyx and Teebee, TC, Black Sun Empire, A Sides, S.P.Y., Nu:Tone, Etherwood and the legendary DJ Hype. MC 3POH (Jungle Fever DNB // Funk Bunker // YEGDNB) With over 10 years on the mic in Drum and Bass, Mc 3p OH has become a versatile and familiar voice to the Edmonton Drum and Bass scene. He has performed alongside some of the world's biggest acts such as: Loadstar, Metrik, Black Sun Empire, Dub Phizix, Danny Byrd, Nu:Logic and many more. Over the last few years Mc 3p OH has made waves with his unique style of MCing and dedication to supporting Alberta Jungle/DnB. His ability to hype a crowd and provide a vibe through lyrical content is sure to impress. Affiliated with the respected Funk Bunker and Jungle Fever crews, there is plenty more to come. Other local mentions... Touretto I; Blain Tourett, started out playing trombone in a high school classical/jazz band in a small town with about 900 residents. Growing up I liked all kinds of music from Country, Beethoven, Korn and even Slipknot. My interest of electronic music started in 2004, fresh out of high school and into the big city. I finally found my self inspired to take electronic music to the next level. Through trials and tribulations of learning the art form of the turntable, I could finally beat match. So my first few years on the 1n2s, playing gigs, I tried different styles and tempos. From Hard House to Breaks. Not really happy with what I was playing I felt kinda lost. That was until I met the man, the myth, the legend, MAXX BASS. A connoisseur of Drum & Bass, he taught me about soul, good rhythms and great vibes on the dance floor and I have been doing it ever since. -------------------------------------------------- Set times are to be announced on the Astral Harvest website very soon! ASTRAL HARVEST 2016 | June 30 to July 3 | Season 9 - Power Take Off Nestled in the beautiful boreal wilderness of Northern Alberta, Astral Harvest is a feast for the senses! The festival blends an energetic party vibe with a family-friendly feel by featuring a wide array of musical talents. Astral Harvest offers 4 unique stages and an incredible line-up of international and local DJs and acoustic acts, powered by the ever-impressive PK Sound. Astral Harvest goes beyond the music scene with an emphasis on daytime activities. Astral Harvard conferences inspire new thoughts and ideas and workshops ignite your creative spark. The atmosphere is part of the magic: an interactive theme, live artists, stunning performances, a sunny island in the river and so much more. Take a stroll through the marketplace and support local artists, merchants and food vendors. The playground and children's activities will keep your Lil' Harvesters engaged and entertained! A weekend pass includes 3 nights and 4 days of camping, free water and firewood and access to hot showers. Come celebrate music, art and knowledge and experience that Home is where the Harvest is. TICKETS ON SALE NOVEMBER 11, 2015!! For EVERYTHING Astral Harvest including TICKETS - Visit: astralharvest.com
  5. We proudly present the return of our weekly patio party featuring bass, brunch, beers and beautiful people on the wonderful large back patio of The Pint Whyte Ave! June 12 - Episode 3: "History Lessons" Studying up on their history, our gang makes and incredible and shocking discovery in the school library - the true question remains: Is the world ready?! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Week Starring: Wadjit Mindzai Typecast Luke Kennedy ...as the students With: Phatcat ... as Mr. Moose, Guidance Councillor & MC's 3POH & ENERGIZER ... as the Morning Announcers TUNE IN @ 3PM - 8PM Every Sunday this Summer! $5 Yellowhead Lager & $7 Mimosas ------------------------- Taste the bright flavor and listen to the summery sounds of Edmonton's D&B community every week on the Patio of The Pint Whyte Ave! Brought to you by YEGDNB / Future Roots / Funk Bunker -------------------------- Tune in for next weeks episode entitled "The New Kids" -------------------------- We are always open to new students so please message Dean Phatcat Musani or Donovan Dreadnought Spilchuk in the main office for more info of if you'd like to perform at Sunday School!
  6. We are proud to present our inaugural "STEP and ROLL - Jungle All Night" event! We wanted to bring the best of straight up jungle to Edmonton, just the way you like it! Huge drums, thundering basslines, and the thickest vibes! To kick things off we have one of Canada's most celebrated Jungle/DnB artists making a massive comeback set, and we get to hear it first! JOHN ROLODEX is back. https://www.facebook.com/JohnRolodexOfficial/ https://soundcloud.com/machinistmusic Joining him, is one of Calgary's premiere DJs. He's a member of 403DNB, got #1 charting mixes on mixcloud and heavy radio play, the one like... STRANGE MANNER! https://www.facebook.com/djstrangemanner/ https://www.mixcloud.com/strangemanner/ Joinng them are YEGDNB selector's: PHATCAT MINDZAI BOHZAC Hosted by MC 3pOh & ENERGIZER MC $10 at the door. Doors at 9:00. 18+
  7. Like the grizzly awakening from its long winter slumber, the furry majestic beast that is the Junlge Jam, emerges from its cave, hungry, and ready to embrace spring! Back to kick off the first Jungle Jam of 2016 and are we ever ready! We have a turbo-charged lineup, and the best vibes an event can ask for. Funk Bunker & YEGDNB is proud to bring you the best DnB/Jungle residency in all of Edmonton. Let's Jam! DJs: David Stone Wadjit Dreadnought Ten-O Infamous Steez Vixx Brucey-B Mindzai OhAces Type Cast Xpulse Grizzly Beats BohZac Mira Nova MCs: Energizer 3p OH As always, no cover, very limited capacity, and let's be honest, insane drink prices! Doors at 7:00 pm!
  8. FB15's December 2015

    Funk Bunker is proud to present the 3rd instalment of our FB15's series! 9 great minim-mixes from all over Alberta!

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